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Do the work you love. Get paid. It's that easy.

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Freelancing in America can be kinda tough

Freelancing in America can be kinda tough. The work can be great, when you can find it, but it can be a tough slog in between projects, especially if you live in areas of the country that are less population-dense. And even then, you’re competing in price with freelancers from across the globe who don’t have the same cost of living that we do here.

That’s why we’re creating MYSA.

We know that there are tons of creative, intelligent, and driven people throughout the US that would be doing more freelance work if it was easier to find. And that’s exactly what the MYSA platform will do for you. By joining MYSA, you’ll have work distributed to you at a pay rate that’s based on your skill level and the difficulty of the project. Simply log in, accept your jobs, do the work, and wait (briefly) for your direct deposit. No more bidding, billing, or prospecting. Only the work you love.

But what about…..

We know there are lots of other hurdles to freelancing. Things like managing your income stream, getting insurance, tracking your time, and more. We’re building tools into our platform to help make life as a freelancer easier, regardless of your location, your income, and the hours you work.

Sound too good to be true?

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