What is MYSA

Mysa (pronounced MEE-suh) is a Swedish word that roughly translates to the feeling of “coziness.” Think of how you feel when you’re watching Netflix in front of a fire with your sweetheart, or the warm, jovial feeling you get when you’re hanging around a campfire with your buddies. That’s Mysa.

And that’s the feeling we’re developing the MYSA platform around. It’s the way we want you, as a business owner or freelancer to feel about us. It’s how we want you to feel about each other. And it’s how we want you to feel, knowing you’re supporting American businesses and workers when you use our platform.

MYSA, the business, is a collection of energetic entrepreneurs from Wisconsin with a sincere love of our respective home communities, and a passion for helping people stay in, develop, and support their own home communities while having the freedom to work in professions they love.

Want to know more? Contact Us for more information about MYSA, and what we’re about. Or Sign Up for our beta release – coming this fall – to be a part of the MYSA movement.

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