MYSA’s “Why.”

On the surface, MYSA’s business model doesn’t look that different from some other, much larger, companies online that aim to connect businesses with freelancers.  Without too much research, you can find several of our competitors out there who, presumably, can put you in touch with people who can do your work for you, and possibly even cheaper than we can do it.

That’s because they’re driven first by profit, as many companies are. No judgment – profit is important for any company. But that’s where we differ from our competition.

Though we, too, care about making a profit, MYSA’s first, and ultimately most important goal, is to use our platform to help businesses, freelancers, and communities like yours grow better and stronger.


How is my community related to freelance workers?

It may seem a bit counterintuitive to think that a bunch of individual workers in a community can strengthen it. After all, freelancers tend to be pretty independently-minded, right?

That may be true, but think of it this way: When you invest your business’ money in local help, your dollar stays in your community. Our competition uses freelance labor from all over the world. The money you spend with them could (and will probably) go directly to places like China, India, South America, and eastern Europe. Those all seem like great places, and the people there are probably good people, also, but given the choice, we’d rather see our money invested in people where we live. Your local freelancers will go on to spend that money on goods and services where you are – perhaps even your business – and the only reason they’re staying in your community is because they can make a decent living there.

Fighting Brain-Drain

Many professionals, like the local freelancers you’ll hire through MYSA, feel like they have to move away from their respective homes to find a good paying job. They migrate from small-to-medium sized communities to large cities or either coast because that’s where the money is, regardless of the fact that they may love their home communities and want to stay. By hiring talented freelancers in your area at a fair wage, they won’t have the need to move away from your community to make a living. Instead, their talent and your money stay right where you both live, and go on to maintain and promote your community as the great place to live and work that you know it is.

But doesn’t hiring local cost more?

In short: yep – but maybe not as much as you think. There’s an old adage that goes “Good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good.” At MYSA, we also think that getting good work doesn’t also mean that it has to be back-breakingly expensive, either. Yes, we’re more expensive than some of our online competitors who use unvetted foreign labor, but when you hire a freelancer through MYSA, you are assured that you’re hiring vetted, local talent who will perform your job to your specifications and your timeline. To get that level of service elsewhere, you’d most likely have to go through a marketing, accounting, programming, or HR firm, or you’d have to hire a temp worker who may or may not fit your needs without training. In terms of the cost of time and money of hiring an agency or a temp worker, we’re definitely the less expensive option.  If you do an analysis of quality-for-the-dollar, we’re confident that MYSA is the best option available.

…but how can I know for sure?

It’s tough, as a business owner, to know what the right choice is when it comes to hiring out work. If you’re interested in becoming a tester for our beta-launch (coming this fall), feel free to sign up, and you can try it out first-hand.  All we can say is “give our people a shot.” If you’ve got a small project you want help with, let us give you an estimate, and you’ll know quickly if you think our services are worth the money. If you just want more information, you can always shoot us an email at, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks! And we hope to hear from you soon!

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